Othello Act 1 Scene 3


Act one scene three


-          The Turks are ready to attack, and Othello is promptly called for.

-          Othello and Desdemona’s relationship is presented before the duke.

-          Both confess their love for one another.

-          Desdemona is extremely strong winded and explains her view.

-          Desdemona uses her mother to out argue her father.

-          Brabantio is disgusted with Desdemona.

-          Desdemona is entrusted to Iago.

-          Roderigo is still lusting for Desdemona and prepares to sell his land for money to continue paying Iago for his help.


-          Hurry

-          Urgency

-          Alarm

-          Fear

-          Uncertainty

Key contextual points:

-          The play was written during the early 17th century

-          Women in the 17th centuries were challenged with expressing themselves in a patriarchal system that generally refused to grant merit to women's views. 

-          In most cases education for women was not advocated—it was thought to be detrimental to the traditional female virtues of innocence and morality

-           Women who spoke out against the patriarchal system of gender roles, or any injustice, ran the risk of being exiled from their communities, or worse.

-           vocal unmarried women in particular were the targets of witch-hunts

-           Woman often acted as counsellors in the home, "tempering" their husbands' words and actions.

-          Women who challenged societal norms and prejudices risked their lives.

-          Venation women were known to be


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