Journey's end context

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  • context
    • R C  Sherriff 1896-1975
      • was an officer in WW1
    • the play is based on real life experiences      during the war
      • shows that the conditions of the trenches were horrific
      • men slept and ate in mud
      • constant fear of death from snipers and heavy bombardment
    • Britain declared war on Germany in 1914
      • the mood of Britain was one of heroic optimism
      • it was thought that 'it would be over by christmas'
      • millions of young men enlisted
      • set in 1918 , near the end of the war
    • conveys as message     of sacrifice and commradeship
    • reference to alice in wonderland
      • the crocodile  is war personified
        • crocodile chrams and smiles
      • it is inevitable that like the crocodile  did war will kill the men


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