Main notes about poems


-The poem is a ironic memorial to the ego ofa ancient Pharaoh
-The statue is an allegory for the eventual end of power that
everyone must suffer.
-Power, like the statue is lost to the sands which in turn represent time


The poem is an ironic look at misery in the greatest city in
the world.
-Blake’s views are revolutionary for the time, challenging the
idea that man is worth more than slavery.
-Blake challenges the establishment in their ‘palaces 'and
‘churches’ which are marked by the blood and blackening of
good people.

The prelude:-The poem symbolically uses the journey on the river to
mirror the poets own spiritual journey of reflection.
-The poet is structured to show the contrast of the serene
and peaceful start where we work with nature, to the dark
and disturbing battle with nature shown from when he tries
to control his journey through rowing.
-The conflict between man and nature is caused by man’s
attempt to manipulate nature, nature still contains a power
and majesty beyond mankind's ability to command.

My last duchess:-The poem is a dramatic monologue with the Duke of
Ferrara arranging his new marriage but getting swept up
talking about his former wife.
-The change in tone is used to show the sinister undertones
and power struggle in the relationship, he is the only one
truly at conflict here.
-The poet ironically shows that his man is rich and educated
yet a fool in matters of love and honesty.

Charge of the light brigade:-The repetition and dactylic metre within the poem helps
capture the galloping military rhythm. This indicates the
conflict and power building through the poem itself.
-The poet is clearly distinguishing between the bravery ofthe
men and the foolish ‘blunder’ ofthe orders and suggests the
six hundred should be seen as heroes.
-The military language is mixedwith religious allusion to
suggest an epic scale, emphasising the risk and bravery.

Exposure:-The poem defies the convention ofwar and looks at the weather assaulting
the soldiers, not another army. This is to highlight the unknown horrors of
war to people at home.
-The poet uses repetition and a consistent structure to create the static tone
ofthe poem. The lack ofchange adds to the tone ofdespair.
-The alliteration is used to create a sense of atmosphere to the weather and


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