Poetry Themes- Society

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  • Society
    • London
      • Structure
        • Blake uses a lot of repetition
          • Implies the cycle of poverty
          • No escape for the lower social classes
        • Begins poem observing the streets of London
          • As the poem progresses, he is more angry about the institutions not helping the poor.
            • Church, Monarchy and Government
            • Poem ends negatively with implications of death
      • Context
        • Published as part of 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'
        • By William Blake
          • Lived in Victoria era
      • Key Quotes
        • "I wander thro'"
          • Structured as a journey
        • Repetition of "charter'd"
          • London is owned
          • People have been robbed of their rights
        • Repetition of "every"
          • Enormity of poverty from children to adults
        • "black'ning church" & "Runs in blood down Palace walls"
          • Blame on church and state
        • "blights with plagues"
          • Everything good is destroyed
          • "plagues" implies decay and pestilence
    • Living Space
      • Context
        • By Imtiaz Dharker
          • Born in Pakistan
            • Raised in Scotland
              • Interest in representing different cultures
      • Key Quotes
        • "Living Space"
          • Ironic as there isn't much living space in Mumbai
        • "Squeezed"
          • Enjambment
            • Reflects how the structures lean over
              • On top of each other
          • Central stanza to reflect the small gaps
        • "crookedly", "clutch" and "leans dangerously"
          • Unsafe
        • "eggs"
          • Ordinary objects make it feel like home
            • fragility of life
        • Bright,thin walls of faith"
          • Miracle
          • Still have "faith" in difficult conditions
      • Structure
        • The poem begins with Dharker being sarcastic towards the negative views of the slum
          • Small middle stanza represents small "Living Space"
            • Ends with admiration towards the people in the slums
              • Positive attitudes towards their negative circumstances


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