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  • Consumerism
    • Postmodernist
      • Class, gender and ethnicity don't mean as much
      • Individuals use leisure and consumption to build identities for themselves
      • Buying goods has become part of modern, western culture
        • Consumer culture
      • Industries create and sell things that fit into peoples cultural lives
        • This is symbolic consumption
      • What you buy is part of your identity
      • Any industry with a brand image that means something to people is involved in cultural production.
    • Pluralists
      • In a consumer culture people have consumer power
      • It is consumers who shape popular culture
      • Bauman - not everyone can play the role of a consumer
        • I.e. lack of money
        • Those who can't afford to buy are called 'repressed consumers'
        • Those who are able to buy are 'seduced consumers'
      • A consumer society gives the illusion that identity is flexible by changing your way of living at any time
      • Clarke and Critcher - capitalism control the choices we make about leisure and consumption


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