Tropical Rainforest - Part 4 Conservation

A mind map on ways to conserve the rainforest. 

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  • Conserving Tropical Rainforests
    • Debt for Nature Swaps
      • Some MEDCs pay LEDCs to look after areas of the rainforest. It often comes out of the debt they owe and is provided by charities.
      • E.g. $2.5 m was donated by The Nature Conservancy in exchange for increased protection of 2 National Parks in Panama by the Panamanian government.    
    • Protected areas
      • Some areas of the rainforest are protected by the government. This is often funded by other countries.
      • These areas of land are used for non-damaging activities like eco-tourism and research.
    • Trade Controls (Controlled by CITES, an international trade agreement between governments)
      • Appendix I complete ban on trade except by special license – species threatened with extinctions     
      • Appendix II limited trade permitted – species threatened with extinction if trade is not closely controlled e.g. hippo, polar bear, great white shark and Venus fly trap    
      • Appendix III particular countries request assistance in protecting species    


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