Tropical Rainforest - Part 2 The Importance

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  • The importance of tropical rainforests
    • Resources
      • Timber, fuel, plant foods, bushmeat (deer and wild pigs for locals), palm leaves for roofs, medicines, fibres, palm oil, waxes
    • Rainfall
      • Much of the rainfall is returned to the atmosphere through transpiration by plants and wind carries it inland. If forests are lost rainfall will be reduced in those countries.    
    • Biodiversity
      • High biodiversity means the ecosystem can better resist change.  Aesthetic and educational value.  Ecotourism generates income from the forest without destroying it    
    • Carbon Stores
      • Further forest growth removes CO2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis.
    • Economic value of unexploited resource
      • Medicinal plants and new foods suitable for domestication. Gene pool of wild plants of species already cultivated may contain desirable characteristics    
    • Soil conservation
      • Rainforests are supported by thin, poor soils.  Tree roots hold shallow soil together and reduces wind speed and impact of rain and therefore soil erosion.   


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