Conserving Biodiversity

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  • Conserving biodiversity
    • Global actions
      • CITES
        • increase cooproation in regulating trade in wild animals and plants
        • All agreed to make it illegal to kill endangered species
        • Raise awareness through education
      • RIO convention/ Earth summit
        • Aims to develop international strategies on consevation and using resources in a sustainable way
        • Guidance to governments
        • make it everyone's responsibility
    • Conservation methods
      • Exsitu
        • removes species from their natural habitat and placing in a new location
          • Safer area
          • Can breed then let them back into the wild
          • help endangered species population grow
        • Botanic gardens
          • Controlled environment rare plants for education display and reseach
            • can be reintroduced back into the wild
        • Only a small number can be cared for due to expenses and the right environment
        • Less successful because some cant breed properly and find it hard to adapt
      • Insitu
        • Keeps  species in their natural habitat
          • National parks- restricting development
          • protecting habitats
          • restoring damaged areas
          • promoting a species
          • controlling the prevention of new spcies
        • Larger populations can be conserved
        • Can be difficult to control some factors such as predators or climate change
    • EIA- environmental impact assesment
      • ensure desicion makers consider the enrionmental impact of development
      • Deciding on ways biodiversity could be conserved
      • identifying endangered species and wasys to protect
      • Estimating biodiversity



This Mind Map would make a useful base for an essay on the conservation of biodiversity as it neatly sums up the key issues that would need to be considered. This was created with the OCR specification in mind but would be useful to any student needing to cover conservation as part of their specification.  Research shows that adding images to Mind maps help commit them to memory so perhaps this could be usefully tried after downloading it.

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