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  • Biodiversity
    • Variety of organisms
      • Biodiversity: Variety of living organisms in an area
      • Habitat: The place where an organism lives
      • Community: All the populations of different species in a habitat
    • Scales
      • Local- variety of different species living in small, local habitat. Some habitats more biodiverse than others
      • Global- variety of species on Earth. Recent studies put total number of species at 8.7 million. Biodiversity greatest at equator, decreases towards poles
    • Reducing Biodiversity
      • Farmers try to maximise amount of food which can reduce biodiversity
      • Woodland clearance- increases area of farmland, reduces number of trees/number of different tree species, destroys habitats, some species lose shelter and food source. Species will die/be forced to migrate, reducing diversity
      • Hedgerow removal- increases are of farmland, turns lots of small fields into fewer large ones, reduces biodiversity
      • Pesticides- chemicals that kill organisms that feed on crops, reduces diversity by directly killing pests. Species that feed on pests will lose food source, their numbers can decrease too
      • Herbicides- chemicals that kill weeds, reduces plant diversity/number of species that feed on weeds
      • Monoculture- farmers have fields containing one type of plant. Single type reduces biodiversity directly, will support fewer organisms, further reduces biodiversity
      • Conservation techniques- legal protection for endangered species, creating protected areas to restrict agricultural development, Environmental Stewardship Scheme


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