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  • Conservatives (Tories)
    • By 1865, the Tories were still dealing with the legacy of the split over the repeal of the corn laws in 1846.
      • Traditionally the party was dedicated to the preservation of traditional institutions such as the monarchy and the Church of England.
        • Most members of the party were also still committed to a policy of protection (tariffs on imports) despite the economic prosperity brought by free trade since the 1840s.
          • The party was also known as 'little England party' prior to 1865. This was a reference to its opposition to actively furthering British interests abroad.
    • Traditionally, tory support had come from the landowning classes.
      • However, social and economic changes by 1865 meant that the political, economic and social supremacy of the landowners was coming under threat.
        • The huge growth of towns and the industrial middle class meant the Tories had to widen their appeal to remain a major political force. Many historians believe this changed began under Disraeli.
    • Between 1846 and 1865, the Tories had only formed 2 short-lived minority governments.
      • Leadership was problematic because the loeader Lord Derby was not entiltled to sit in the House of Commons.
        • There were very few talented politicians to take over the party leadership, with one exception - Disraeli. He managed to bring the party around to the idea of free trade and electoral reform by 1865


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