Change in Political Parties


Changes in Parties 1750-1928 

Parliamentry Parties 1780-1830 

  • Pitt took office in 1783, defined new party called the tories 
  • Until 1830 there was defined tory rule, created opposition and government 
  • Whigs also developed their policy as opposition, 1792 created friends of the people, focusing on parliamentry reform 
  • However both parties did reach a consenseus against radicals 
  • 1829 whigs passed catholic emancipation, clear opposition to tory policy 

Change in Whigs and Tories 1830-1846 

  • Tories defeated in 1832 due to catholic emancipation, clear change 
  • 1833-1834 whigs passed many acts, such as abolition act of 1833 which abolished slavery, clear change in political power 
  • Poor Law amendment


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