Unit 1 topic 2 Party polices and Ideas; the conservatives.

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  • Conservatism.
  • Traditional conservatives
    • An idealogy on conserving
    • 'one nation'  developed in the 50's/60's
      • Pragmatic and paternalistic.
    • Conservatism.
    • Traddtional polices
      • defend home owners
      • oppose change
  • Under David
    • Modernizing candidate.
      • Need to re-assess the relationship with thaterism
      • Compared himself to Tony Blair
    • His Party polices
      • A more green agenda
      • Raise threshold of inheritance tax
      • Maintaining levels of spending on public services
      • Emphasis on families
      • threatened to withdraw benifits to those who make no effort to gain jobs
  • Thatcherism
    • Economic thatcher
      • Removed restrictions and controls on the economy
        • Eg: Finaical markets were deregulated
      • changed the tax burden form direct to indirect
      • Laws restricted the unions.
      • Privatised industries
      • Rugged indiviulism
    • Social thatcher
      • Strengthening national identity
        • Oppotision to Eu intergration
      • family values were defended
      • Maintaing order through fear of punishment
  • Gov exert a fatherly approach
    • 'one nation'  developed in the 50's/60's
      • Pragmatic and paternalistic.


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