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  • Brexit: was the UK's 2016 referendum a 'conservative moment'?
    • NO
      • Leaving the EU was a 'leap in the dark' - a radical change with highly uncertain consequences.
      • Rejecting David Cameron's 'renegotiated membership' offer was a rejection of the case for gradual, incremental change.
      • Leaving the EU was a rejection of an arrangement which, though imperfect, had worked for decades.
      • Leaving the EU was tied to a faith in global, laissez-faire capitalism - a historically liberal form of economics that defied traditional conservative scepticism.
      • Brexit threatened 'one nation' by allegedly encouraging racism and xenophobia.
    • YES
      • The UK's participation in a supranational political system was at odds with the UK's traditions.
      • The decision to leave the EU was an attempt to restore national self-governance.
      • The ability to take back control of immigration would help restore national identity.
      • The EU was a contrived system of government, with normative principle, at odds with conservatism's preference for organic systems of government.
      • The EU represented 'big government' - at odds with the 'leaner and fitter' state advocated by the New Right.


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