Conservatism as a philosophy of human imperfection

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Conservatism as a philosophy of human imperfection


  • P: traditional conservatives; E: believe that humans are morally (non-rational drives and instincts) /intellectually (unreliable reason unable to comprehend the world) /psychologically (limited and dependent creatures favouring the known) imperfect hence dislike of abstract ideologies i.e liberalism/socialism; E: emphasis on authority/strong law and order i.e large police force under Peel
  • P: neo-conservatives; E: humans are morally imperfect so must be controlled, psychologically imperfect and require traditional values/strong national identity; E: Thatcher - increased police force, emphasis on patriotism in Falklands War


  • P: Neo-liberalism; E: humans are rational and self-interested so will make best decisions therefore not imperfect/atomistic view emphasises self-reliance implying humans are perfect enough to make decisions; E: Thatcher's minimal statism so humans could make own decisions

Overall comparison

Conservatism mainly one of human imperfect but liberal influence on neo-lib makes it think higher of humans


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