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  • Is conservatism compatible with capitalism?
    • NO
      • Capitalism is often described as economic liberalism - it is focused on individuals rather than the communities that conservatism champions.
      • Capitalism creates economic and social divisions that threaten 'one nation'.
      • Capitalism is dynamic and volatile, threatening the stability and continuity conservatives crave.
      • Capitalism tends towards globalisation, undermining the national identity conservatives value.
      • Capitalism promotes a meritocracy that challenges hereditary ruling class.
    • YES
      • Capitalism is based on private property, which  historically conservatives support.
      • Capitalism generates inequality, which conservatives defend as 'natural' and 'organic'.
      • Capitalism has been at the heart of economic activity for several centuries and therefore squares with conservatism's support for tradition.
      • Capitalism provides the ruling class with wealth that can then be used for paternalistic support for the less fortunate.
      • New Right conservatism is keen to extend private property and market forces in the name of greater individual freedom.


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