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  • Is conservatism 'ruling-class' ideology?
    • NO
      • The prime purpose of the conservative state - the maintenance of order - is one with appeal to all sections of society.
      • Conservatism's love of habit, custom and familiarity has echoes within all sections of society.
      • Traditional conservatism has frequently promoted the interests of the poor in order to ensure the maintenance 'one nation'.
      • New Right conservatism is meritocratic, not aristocratic, identifying with ambitious and talented individuals from all backgrounds.
      • The conservative wish to avoid revolution is altruistic - during periods of revolutionary upheaval it is often society's most vulnerable members who suffer most.
    • YES
      • It was a claim regularly made by both fundamentalist socialists such as Beatrice Webb and revisionist socialists like Anthony Crossland.
      • Those making such claims cited Burke - the 'father of conservatism' - who attacked the egalitarianism of the French Revolution while defending aristocratic rule.
      • Since Burke, conservatives have always defended property, privilege and inequality.
      • Conservativepaternalism is merely an attempt to make inequality and elitism palatable to the majority.
      • The stress on tradition and piecemeal change conspires to prevent radical change, which inherently ruling-class interests.


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