Consequences of the Munich Putsch

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  • Consequencs of the Munich Putsch
    • Prison
      • He had time to write his autobiography
      • He wanted extra time so assaulted an officer to increase his sentence to 9 months
      • Time to rethink the Nazi party
      • Lost followers over time
      • Sentenced shortened to 6 months
    • Leadership
      • Hitler gained many fans as a result of his publicised trial
    • Trial
      • Sells himself to the public
      • The Judge was sympathetic towards Hitler
      • He gained media coverage
      • Outlines his views
      • Denied charge of treason
      • 5 years in prison
    • Support
      • Gained support
      • People could give up on Hitler as he left the party
      • Membership grew
        • More supporters than members of the army
        • Not all his supporters had to fight
          • Good public image


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