The Munich Putsch

Causes, events and consequences of the Munich Putsch


Causes of the Munich Putsch

  • Hyperinflation was making public miserable, Hitler could use their misery to gain support
  • Hitler wanted to make an impact before Stresemann solved the economic problems
  • Hitler wanted a national impact rather than just in Munich
  • French occupation of the Ruhr was making people angry, the Munich Putsch would let people exploit this discontent
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Events of the Munich Putsch

  • 8th November 1923
  • Hitler claimed he would take over Munich and march against the government
  • Hitler confronted 3 officials and they agreed to support him, but turned against him the following morning
  • 3000 supporters and the SA were sent to key buildings
  • Hitler and his key supporters marched onto the town where they were met by state police
  • Police fired and 14 nazis were killed, Hitler arrested 
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Consequences of the Munich Putsch

  • Hitler went into hiding but was found and arrested
  • Hitler and 3 other leaders put on trial - gained publicity
  • Hitler sentenced to 5 years in jail - released after 9 months, wrote 'Mein Kampf' in jail
  • Weak ban on NSDAP, lifted in 1925
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