Conscience Saint Augustine (334-430 AD) 

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  • Conscience Saint Augustine (334-430 AD)
    • Conscience = the Voice of God.
      • Whispering to us inwardly
      • God not demanding or commanding
        • Giving us free will - we have the option to ignore his voice.
          • Whispering about what is right and what is wrong
      • You have to listen.
      • Whispering about what is right and what is wrong
      • "Return to you conscience, question it...turn inward"
    • Question your conscience.
      • Going back to the likes of Circeo - we have to question what we think is right and wrong.
        • Aquinas goes on from this
    • Conscience is innate & God Given
      • Thinking about the telos - our conscience brings us closer to God and eventually God himself
    • Sense of moral right and wrong is preserved in the conscience which is: "The book of light which is called truth".


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