conformity social influence

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    • conformity types: Herbert Kelman 1958
      • internalisation: person genuinely accepts the group norms privately and publicly. change remains even in the absence of group members.
      • identification: may occur when there's something about a group that an individual values. may publicly change behaviour to achieve goal. may not privately agree with everything.
      • compliance: simply going along with behaviour of a group in public, no private change to opinions. behaviour will stop when group pressure stops.
    • explanations for conformity: Morton Deutsch and Harold Gerard 1955- two-process theory
      • informational social influence (ISI): when an individual goes along with the majority because they believe they have better information and the individual wants to be right. often happens in situations which are new to people or situations where there is ambiguity. cognitive process
      • normative social influence (NSI): when people go along with the majority in order to avoid looking foolish and to achieve social approval instead of rejection. emotional process.


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