Introduction to conformity

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  • Introduction to conformity
    • What?
      • Giving in to the influence of the majority
      • A change in behaviour or belief as a result of real or imagined group pressure
    • Internalisation
      • Changing your public and private views to match those of the group
      • Becomes your way of viewing the world and isn't dependent on the presence of the group, will persist when group isn't there
      • E.g changing your religion
    • Compliance
      • Publicly conforming to the behaviour or views of others but privatley disagreeing
      • Superficial change- stops as soon as group pressure does
      • E.g laughing at a joke you don't find funny
    • Identification
      • Adopting views or behaviour of a group publicly and privatley to fit in with a group you join/admire
      • Often a temporary change of belief/ behaviour
      • E.g changing when you go to uni and again when you leave


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