Types of conformity

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  • Conformity
    • Compliance
      • Public acceptance don't have private acceptance
      • Temporary
      • Individuals change their behaviour in order to be accepted and avoid rejection
      • Smoking could be a form of compliance as you may smoke to avoid rejection from the people who have accepted you into their group but do not privately like the idea of soking - Bull;ying could also be applied to this
    • Identification
      • Public and private acceptance
      • Group membership is desirable
      • friends would be an example of identification as they all have similar interest
      • temporary
    • Internalisation
      • permanent
      • Public and private acceptance - groups belief system become your own
      • following or converting to a religion  is internalisation as no matter where you go those beliefs remain the same
      • exposed to the belief sytems of others


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