Conflict & Tension

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  • Conflict & Tension
    • The Fort Laramie Treaty - 1851
      • Reason for tension
        • Gold Discovered - Rapid increase in migration -  Pressures on food supply.
          • Icreased conflicts btween tribes - white fears of Indian attacks
          • Indian concerns about impact on resources.
            • Demands made to US Government to provide protection.
              • Icreased conflicts btween tribes - white fears of Indian attacks
              • The Treaty
      • Significance of Treaty
        • Territories set out for Plains Indians = Reservations
        • Whites allowed into Indians territories & railroad surveyors & military posts in ITs = White Settlement.
        • Tribes to receive resources from the US government = loss of Indian Dependence.
    • Lawlessness
      • New Crimes e.g. Claim Jumping / Isolated Communities / Social Factors e.g. alcohol / Mass Settlement / Not enough law enforcement / Mining Camps / Racism Tensions
      • Prejudices against the Chinese.
      • San Francisco Gangs
        • Population grew rapidly
        • Few actually found gold, so soon filled with disappointed, unemployed migrants.
        • Murder, violence & theft were a commonplace
      • Vigilantes were common, including Lynching.
    • Sheriffs & Marshals
      • If a territory reached a population of 60,000 then it could become a state with its own legal system.
      • Pop. of 5,000 a Sheriff could be elected for a county.
      • The Federal Government appointed a US Marshal, a governor & three judges for a territory.
      • Geography = HUGE
      • Poorly paid, not much investment, Bribes = More likely.
      • Sheriffs were mainly chosen to keep the peace, no legal training, unfair - resentments.
      • Settlers often disliked


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