Why Witchcraft was seen as a serious crime

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  • Why did Witchcraft become a serious crime?
    • Religion
      • After the reformation, the government wanted everyone to have the same religion.
        • Because of this, Witchcraft went against the Authority, making it a crime.
    • Economic Problems
      • During the period 1580 - 1645, unemployment increased, wages decreased and prices rose. People looked for Scapegoats* to blame for their bad luck
    • War
      • Civil conflict led people to become more suspicious of others.
    • Social Changes/ Tensions
      • Some people were accused of witchcraft if other people did not like them.
      • A Widow living alone might be resented if she often asked for help.
    • Reputation
      • Women who were knowledgeable about herbal medicine were considered wise is successful and witches if they were not.
    • Changing Attitudes
      • As charity for the poor decreased people were worried that they would be cursed by a poor person they hadn't helped
    • Attitudes of Authority
      • King James 1 strongly believed in Witchcraft.


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