Ict Computer Systems mindmap

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  • Computer Systems
    • Hardware
      • Monitor
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse
      • Hard Disk
      • A physical component that can be touched
      • Input devices
        • Entering data
      • Processor
        • Decides what instructions mean and what to do
      • Memory
        • Storing the data that is being used
      • Backing Storage
        • Store the data and/or instructions when the computer is off
    • Software
      • A set of instructions that the computer follows
      • Word processor
      • Operating Systems
      • Web authoring packages
    • Types
      • Personal Computers
        • A microcomputer designed for use by one person
          • used at home
      • Mainfrane Computer
        • Very large system in a commercial business
          • used for bulk processing
      • Supercomputers
        • Can handle high amounts of scientific computation
          • It channels all its processing power into one task


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