ICT Unit 2 Mindmap

Just a simple Mindmap for ICT topic 2

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  • ICT Topic 2 Revision
    • Interactive digital television
      • Pay to view services
        • paying either monthly or one off fee for extra tv (e.g. cable, satellite and digital terrestrial
      • Interactive services
        • You have to have internet + cable/satellite tv. Eg: dating, voting or betting
      • Online betting
        • Good: it's quicker to collect money with cards etc. Bad: IT can be addictive
      • Online Dating
        • Good: People may be shy or busy, Bad: people may lie
      • Online Voting
        • Good: More people will be encouraged to vote Bad: not everyone has computers.
    • Gaming and Digital photography
      • Digital Photography
        • Photo editing software can re-size, crop and add filters
        • input  - image sensor, USB, memory card
        • Output - LCD screen, printer, digital photo display
      • Gaming
        • can make  learning fun, teamwork and graphic designing jobs.
        • can be addictive and some may be violent or cause RSI.
    • Music, sound and Mobile Phones
      • Internet Radio
        • Good sound quality, catch up and around the world
        • You need broadband connection and it's not completely reliable
      • Digital Music
        • Fast way of getting music, can buy or download individual tracks.
        • There can be illegal file sharing or downloads and there could be denied internet access
      • Mobile Phones
        • Emergency contact, children's safety, last minute plan changes
        • Can damage health or cause car accidents


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