Composites, wood and ceramics

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  • Composites, wood and ceramics
    • Composites
      • Composites contain a mixture of different materials that bond together.
      • A tough material is not brittle. Glass is strong but brittle. Plastic is weak but tough.
      • Adding glass fibres to plastic makes a strong but , tough composite ideal for boat hulls
    • Wood
      • Wood is a natural composite containt cellulose fibres mbedded in the lignin
      • Cellulose has tensile strength and lignin resists compression
      • Although used mainly in the construction of houses and funiture, many types of sports equipment are produced from wood
      • Besides being strong and light , it is tough and shock- resistant, so the wood dampens vibrations when you hit the ball
    • Ceramics
      • Ceramics are inorganic, non-meatallic materials
        • Pottery (made of clay)
        • Glass
      • Hard
      • Are brittle ( can crack easily and are not tough)
      • Have a high melting point
      • Have a low thermal conductivity
      • resist chemical attack
    • Testing for toughness
      • Scientists can use the IZOD TEST to compare the toughness of different materials and how the materials fractures on impact


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