Metals and Alloys

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  • Metals and Alloys
    • Types of metal
      • There are five important types of material used in manufacturing
      • Metals, composites, wood, ceramics and polymers
      • Alloys
        • An alloy is a special composite material made from two or more elemnts
      • Aluminium
        • Titanium alloy is as strong as steel , but much less dense, making it far more suitable for aircraft frames
        • light alloy aircraft need less fuel to lift them of the ground and fly
    • Properties of metals
      • Strong
        • With high tensile strength
      • good electrical and thermal conductors
      • Hard
        • Difficult to dent or scratch
      • Stiff
        • Not flexible
      • Malleable
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    • Models for metals
      • All atoms consiswt of a positive nucleus, surrounded by negative elctrons, unlike other elements, the outer
      • Unlike other elements, the outer electons of metals are not attracted very strongly by their nucleus
    • Steel
      • Steel is an alloy of iron containing carbon and various other alloying elements, like manganese, chronum vanadium and tungstn
      • Adding more thane 11% chronium stops steel rusting


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