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  • Communication Technology
    • Presentation software
      • Uses: Used for delivering presentations efficiently with an equal use of text, imagery and interactivity.
      • Features: Transition, Timer, Notes, Hyperlinks
    • Word Processing
      • Uses: Used for writing letters, essays etc. Has a variety of options for huge amounts of writing.
      • Features: Mail-merge, Insert Image, Envelope, Tables, Shapes
    • Email
      • Uses: Sending and recieveing information and files.
      • Features: CC, BCC, Attachments, Favorite, Forward, Delete, Archive
    • Web
      • Uses: Can buy, sell, bid and trade. Can research and communicate
      • Features: Websites, Web pages, Email, Servers
    • Blogs/Vlogs
      • Uses:Visual representation of data and information. Used for more interactive research resources and reports.
      • Features: Audio mixer, speed adjustment, audio logs, video quality
    • Instant messaging
      • Uses: Communicate instantly with anyone at anytime anywhere via the internet.
      • Features: Send text, media files and hyperlinks.


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