dealing w ethical issues lol

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  • dealing w ethical issues
    • ethical committee - must approve each study before it begins. looks @ all possible ethical issues. researcher suggests how issues will be dealth with. cost-benefict analyusis carried out to see if concequences of experiment can be justified.
      • useful - help weigh consequences/benefits before research takes place so any research which will not benefit society can be halted.
      • not effective- cost-benefit decision flawed as they involve subjective judgement (what some find accaptable, others may not)
      • Milgram - ineffective as although he asked that people thought the costs would be, they did not predict the true consequences for the ps.
    • Ethical guidelines - BPS/APA produce code of conduct to tell psychologists which behaviours are/aren't acceptable, and how to deal with these issues.
      • useful - guide the work as if they do not follow they will get struck off the BPS or APA. Might mean that any future research they do will be less credible.
      • not effective - no legal consequences for the researchers (you cannot be put in prison/fined for not following ethical guidelines).
    • Exam Advice: aim to include five different ways of dealing with ethical issues in 20 minutes,  include the word "deal" as many times as you can, make sure to include research in your answer, choose different psychological research in each way of dealing, do NOT describe ethical issue e.g. deception.


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