Common Forms

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  • Common Forms
    • Sonata Form
      • Exposition Themes are exposed for the first time. It has two contrasting themes and ends in a related key
      • Development Themes go through a number of variations
      • Recapitulation Themes are played again, the composer may make small changes such as adding ornaments
    • Minuet and Trio
      • The third movement of a symphony or sonata is often in Minuet and Trio form
      • A minuet is a French dance with three beats in a bar
      • A trio is a minuet in a related key often written for three instruments
      • The first minuet is played again (ternary form)
    • Scherzo
      • In later symphonies and sonatas the third movement was a scherzo and trio
      • A scherzo is faster and more light hearted than a minuet
      • It's usually the most fast and playful movement and is missed out if the whole piece isn't played
    • Strophic Form
      • The same section of music is repeated over and over again
      • In strophic songs, all verses have the same music but different lyrics
      • Hymns are a good example of this
    • Through Composed
      • The music changes in every verse
      • Verses can have different melodies or chords or both
      • Often used in opera and film music
    • Cyclic Form
      • Pieces in cyclic form have a common theme in each movement
      • Film music and big works often have a theme
    • Cadenza
      • A cadenza is a bit in a concerto where a soloist plays
      • Sometimes improvisation is used in cadenzas
    • Pop Songs
      • Most pop songs have an intro it often uses the best part of the song
      • A lot of pop songs follow verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro
      • Call and response has a musical question and a musical answer
      • Riffs are a short section of music which is repeated several times
      • Ballads usually tell stories, the verses have the same tune and rhythm


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