A Servant of Two Masters- Key Scenes

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  • Act 2, scene 12
    • Plot: Truffaldino has to serve both masters' dinner at the same time without making either master aware of the other.
      • Why is it important: it demonstrates the struggles that Truffaldino faces because he has two masters, it's the first time both masters are seen on stage together
        • Acts as a form of comic relief as the sequence of restaurant scenes follow the confrontation of Clarice and Silvio
        • Ties up a minor storyline and fulfils Truffaldino's need for a meal allowing the audience's focus to be on the lovers
    • Characters: Truffaldino, First and Second Waiters, Florindo, Beatrice.
      • First and Second Waiters are there as foil characters to Truffaldino to emphasise what a bad job he's doing.
        • Stiff gait, straight posture, deliberate and controlled movements, propper attire for a restaurant- to contrast Truffaldino
      • Truffaldino is there to create comedy through his mistakes.
      • Beatrice and Florindo are there to spur Truffaldino's action which in turn creates comedy.
    • Comedy
      • Comedy of Manners- comedy is created through Truffaldino's mockary of restaurant etiquette- typical of Commedia dell'Arte
      • Slapstick comedy- Truffaldino's exaggerated physical movements and his buffoonery
      • Food lazzi- tug of war between Truffaldino and the Waiter over the food
      • Double entendre of spotted ****
    • Quotes
      • First Waiter- "that's your charcuterie (posh)... your meat plate, mate. (cockney)"
      • Truffaldino- "give that to me"
      • Truffaldino- "It can't really be **** can it?"


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