Traditional costume in The Servant to Two Masters

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  • Traditional costume in The Servant to Two Masters
    • Harlequin (Truffaldino)
      • a suit with diamond shaped red, green and blue pattern.
      • A rakish hat above a black mask
      • Carried a wooden sword or slapstick (slit down the middle which would make a slap sound when it hit someone)
    • Brighella
      • Hooked nose and moustache
      • Jacket and trousers ornamented with green braid.
    • The lovers
      • Young and handsome, did not wear masks and were usually dressed in the latest fashions
    • Pantalone
      • tight fitting red vest, red breeches and stockings
      • soft slippers,a black ankle-length cloak
      • A soft, brimless cap, a brown mask with a large hooked nose and scraggly grey beard
    • Dr Lombardi
      • The academic cap and gown of the time to show off his supposed wisdom


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