Collectivisation & soviet agriculture

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  • Collectivisation and Soviet Agriculture
    • Roles
      • Farmers needed to make sure they were producing enough for the industrial works
        • Needed food to make sure the essential harvesting is consistent
      • Industrial workers needed to make sure they were working as much as possible to meet the demands of the five year plan
    • Soviet Farms
      • Too small to produce the amount of grain needed
      • Farms were put together to create larger farms
        • Vastly improved production rates
    • Collectivisation
      • Land + animals put together
      • Peasants supervised by communist officials
        • Shared out work & profits
          • Local communist leader decided how much grain a family would recieve
      • Government provided the equipment to make farming more efficient
        • Determined by government agency set up during 5 year plan
      • Angered peasants
        • Had no say in how heir farms were run
        • Agriculture = too much pressure
        • Kulaks refused to hand over their farms
          • some destroyed animals & crops instead of giving them to the state
      • "Kill, its not ours anymore. Kill, they'll take it for meat anyway. Kill, you won't get any meat on the collective
      • Those that did not comply were seen as enimies & Stalin's opposition
        • Secret police arrested those who didn't comply
    • Famine 1932-1933
      • Fall in grain production
      • Surplus grain exported to western countries
    • Post collectivisation
      • peasants were old they have complete ownership of their homes
      • Given a  of land if they continued to contribute
      • Stalin believed collectivisation was necessary to get Russia out of it backward agriculture
      • Peadants got to collectivisation
        • Wheat, milk + meat production to slowly rise
      • Over 5 million Kulaks murdered or sent to labour camps


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