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  • Collaboration & Reistance
    • Beginning
      • Women to Germans
        • Maggie tells Albretch they won't collaborate
        • Sarah refuses more as she believes the men will come back
      • The Resistance groups
        • Men leave the valley
        • Tommy Atkins
          • "Fourteen days, that's what you can expect"
        • George Bowen
        • Sniper man
    • Middle
      • Taking the colt to the fair
        • Extension of her love for William
        • collaboration with the Germans
          • so George shoots the colt
      • The gramophone
        • at first collaboration, sharing birthday and love
        • Then resistance, "I see you"
      • The Winter
        • Forces them to collaborate
          • They realise they are not collaborating in the war, just helping each other in life
        • At first sarah tries to get along without the Germans
          • Then Albrecht and Alex help with the sheep
      • albrecht's plan
        • leave the war and collaborate with the women
      • Atkins being Tourtured, resisting by escaping
    • End
      • Sarah leaves home to 'go with albrecht'
        • she is intending to collaborate with him
        • She actually commits last acts of resistance
          • going to look for Tom not with Albrecht
          • burning the mappa mundi


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