Resistance - Sarah quotes

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    • Beginning
      • "She lay there within the impression of her husband"
        • Vulnerable
        • She needs her husband
        • Young, naive
        • Lives in the protection and shadow of her husband
      • "Why have they gone? Why now Maggie?"
        • Sarah has been living in an imaginary perfect life and has just realised it isn't real
        • Asking questions similar to how a child would question
          • Highlights how she is still very young
        • She has never lost anyone, doesn't really understand what has happened
        • Seeks advice from people who are more independant rather than finding things out for herself
          • Dependant on others
    • Middle
      • "She turned to look at Albrecht, the ghost of a smile across her lips"
        • Happy to be around Albrecht
        • 'Ghost', she is still thinking about Tom
          • The men's disappearance haunts the women in the valley
        • She doesn't want to show her true emotions because Tom might come back
          • She doesn't want to show she is happy around other men
      • "Maggie's air of privileged knowledge...had irritated Sarah"
        • Sarah doesn't require as many answers as before
          • More independant without Tom there
            • Has to get on with the work and not rely on others to help her
        • Less need for guidance from others as she now has to show Albrecht what to do
        • Sarah knows about the map and Maggie doesn't
    • Ending
      • "'I'll bring you some' she said holding his gaze, 'some of Tom's'"
        • She is finally letting Albrecht replace Tom
        • Albrecht has taken Tom's place in protecting Sarah
      • "Not knowing whether to be terrified or joyful at her husband's possible return"
        • Joyful that Tom will return
          • Choice between Albrecht and Tom
            • Albrecht will die if he stays and he won't leave without Sarah
        • Fearful that they will find out about the collaboration
        • Albrecht will die if he stays and he won't leave without Sarah


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