Catholic vs Protestant Churches

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  • Henry and the Catholic Church
    • Protestant
      • Rejected Pope's authority, and believed that rulers should protect and own their own churches
      • Church's principal function : to preach word of God in Bible. Only three sacraments mattered: the Eucharist; baptism; and penance
      • Bread and wine only represented body and blood of Jesus - they didn't become his body and blood
      • Church services read in the language of the country so everyone could understand them
      • Chantries and indulgences: corrupt and unnecessary - faith alone was required to get you into heaven
      • Praying to images and statues was superstitious; they were unwelcome in churches
      • Pilgrimages : unnecessary
      • Priests : ordinary people and could wear ordinary clothes
      • Priests could marry
    • Catholic
      • Head of Church : Pope
      • Church's main job : to deliver Seven Sacrements
      • Transubstantiation - bread and wine becomes body and blood of Jesus
      • Church services held in: Latin
      • Chantries and indulgences could be purchased to shorten time spent in purgatory
      • Images and statues venerated
      • Priests wore vestments
      • Priests weren't allowed to marry


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