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  • Cognitive Psychology
    • Multi-store Model
      • Short term memory has a duration of 30 seconds. Capacity of 7+/- 2items. Encodes information mainly acoustically. Rehearsal of information in the STM prolongs its duration and is passed to the LTM.
        • Long term memory has a duration of up to a lifetime. Capacity is unlimited. Encodes information mainly semantically
          • Information comes into the memory system through any of the senses and is held in the SIS as a sensory image. This store can hold several items simultaneously  but images fade within a few seconds unless it's attended to and recoded.
        • Atkinson and Shriffrin's (1968) multi-store model (MSM) proposes that memory consists of a series of interconnected stores.
    • Working Memory Model
    • Research into the Multi-store Model
      • STM encoding. Conrad's (1964) study consisted of participants being shown a series of random sequences of 6 consonants in rapid succession then was asked to write the letters down in the right order. Sequences were either acoustically similar - V P B C D. Or dissimilar - F J R Q Z V.


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