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Exam questions
Content analysis questions in
Swap and mark each others work.…read more

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How to improve the
accuracy of EWT
The Cognitive Interview Technique…read more

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Internal validity
Higher or lower?
Yuille and
The serial Cutshall
position Interviewing
Effect experiment People after a
Bank robbery.
External validity
Higher or lower?
Loftus and Palmer Christianson and Huninette
Automobile speeds. Interviewing real witnesses to
Bank robberies…read more

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What is the cognitive interview?
Fischer and Gelselman (1992)
Based on psychological research on
Effective memory recall.
Widely used by police.…read more

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2 types of questions
uk/videos/view/20289/…read more

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Fisher et al (1987) studied real life interviews by
detective officers in Florida over 4 month period.
They found that witnesses were frequently bombarded
with a series of brief, direct and close-ended questions
aimed to elicit facts.
However, the sequencing of these questions often
seemed to be out of sync with the witnesses' own
mental representation of the event.
Witnesses were often interrupted and not allowed to
talk freely about their experiences.…read more

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