Coastal erosion - Holderness coast

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  • Coastal Erosion - Holderness
    • Main Reasons
      • Easy Eroded rock type such as clay which is easily eroded and likely to slump causing a cliff collapse.
      • Natural narrow beaches. The beach has less protection from erosion as beaches slow waves down.
      • Powerful waves. Holderness faces the prevailing wind direction and the waves going into holderness have a large fetch
    • Impact on Peoples lives
      • Homes near the cliffs are at risk of collapsing into the sea
      • Property prices near the cliffs have fallen sharply as there is a risk of collapsing and death
      • Business are at risk from erosion so people will lose jobs
      • 80,000m of farmland is lost each year
    • Environmental impacts
      • SitesSpecial interested are at risk. Eg the lagoons near easington. if it gets eroded it will connect the sea to the lagoon and it will be destroyed


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