Co-ordinated Control

Mindmap on Co-ordinated Control/Nervous System

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  • Co-ordinated Control
    • Neurons
      • Relay Neurons
        • Carry messages from one part of the CNS to another
      • Sensory Neurons
        • Transmits electrical impulses from receptors in the sense organs to the CNS.
    • Receptors
      • Groups of specialised cells which can detect a change in the environment (stimulus) and produce electrical impulses in response.
      • Sense Organs
        • Contain groups of receptors which respond to specific stimuli
          • E.g Eye responds to light
          • STIMULI-Things that set off a reaction in the nervous system, for example, light, heat, sound, gravity, smell, taste, or temperature. The singular is stimulus.
    • Effectors
      • parts of the body - such as muscles and glands - that produce a response to a detected stimulus
    • Reflex Acton
      • A way for the body to automatically and rapidly respond to a stimulus to minimise any further damage to the body without using the brain
        • E.g Muscle contracting in arm  when hand touches something hot
      • The nerve pathway followed by a reflex action is called a reflex arc
    • Synapses
      • The gaps between two neurons where information crosses using neurotransmitters, released by one neuron into the synapse,  which then diffuse across the gap and make the other neurone transmit an electrical impulse.


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