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Responding to change & Reflex actions:

HORMONES screted by special gland are CHEMICALS that help to control and co-ordinate processes in the body.

THE NERVOUS SYSTEM uses electrical impulses to enable you to react to your Surroundigsand co-ordinate  what you do.

Cells called receptors detect stimuli (Changes in the enviroment).

IMPULSES from the receptors pass along sensory neurones to the brain, impulses are sent from the brain  to the effector organs along motor neurones.

Some RESPONSES to stimuli are automatic  and rapid and are called relfex actions.

Reflex actions  run everyday bodily functions and help you to avoid danger.

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Questions for co-ordination and control:

  •    What enables you to react to your surroundings and co-ordinate what you do?
  • where do impulses from the receptors have to pass along through to get the brain?
  • What cells detect stimuli?
  • Hormones are?
  • The nervous system are created where?
  • What are rapid and automatic repsonses called?
  • what helps you to avoid danger?
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The menstrual cycle & Artificial control of fertil

Hormones control the release of an egg from the ovary and the build up of the lining of the womb in the menstraul cycle. 

The main hormones involved are FSH  and LH from the PITUITARY GLAND and oestrogen from the ovaries.

Hormones can be used to control fertility.

Oral contraceptives contain hormones, which stop FSH production so no eggs mature.

FSH can be used as a fertility drug  for women to stimulate eggs to mature in their ovaries. 

These eggs may be used in IVF treatments.

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Questions for the menstrual cycle and artificial c

  • Where are the eggs released?
  • what controls the build up of libing of the womb?
  • what are LH, FSH and oestrogen?
  • Where does oestrogen get made?
  • What can be used to control fertility?
  • FSH can also be used to stimulate eggs to mature, what is the other use of FSH in control of fertility?
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Controlling Conditions:

Humans need to maintain a constant internal enivroment, controlling water levels, ions, blood, sugar and temperature. 

Homeostatis is the result of the co-ordination of your nervous system, your hormones and your body organs.

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Questions on controlling conditions:

  • What do humans need to maintain? 
  • what do they need to control? 
  • what is homeostatisis?
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