Close- Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Close
    • Stanza 1
      • "lock"
        • the imperative "lock" creates a feeling of intimacy but it also suggests there is something to hide about the affair.
      • "dark"
        • pre-modifying adjective could reflect on the sombre mood of the speaker but the "dark journey" could be symbolic of the affair between the speaker and the lover
      • "we take each other to bits"
        • metephor: emotionally/verbally in an argument? or sexual connotations suggesting an intense passion between two lovers.
    • Stanza 2
      • "Dress again. Undress"
        • A cycle of instructions. Suggests the relationship had died?
      • "A suitcase crammed with secrets"
        • alliteration
      • "red on my palm"
        • Connatations of pain/aggresion
    • Stanza 3
      • "I"
        • Personal pronoun/ first person
    • Stanza 4
      • "hired room tremble"
        • confirms the idea that this is an illicit affair
      • "cigerette smoke itself" and "full glass of wine"
        • Personification: suggests that the cigerette and wine have been abandoned. Has one person left? Is the affair over?
    • Stanza 5
      • "they know who we are"
        • collective noun "they" contrasts with the "I" and "you" of the rest of the poem, It could suggest a loss of identity. The ghosts of themselves remember who they used to be. Even if the speaker no longer remembers.
      • "put out the light" and "throng in a mirror, blind"
        • Oxymoron: tuneless song. A miserable idea. Conveys sadness. "mirror" suggests that the speaker is looking at herself. A loss of identity/vulnerability
      • "the ghost of ourselves"
        • relationship has ended?
    • Themes: destructive love/ the loss of love/ the loss of identity/ disorientated/ dislocation/ vulnerability


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