First Love- Carol Ann Duffy

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  • First Love
    • Stanza 1
      • "Waking, with a dream of first love"
        • Duffy hints at a dream like state that she finds herself in referencing the surrealism that is associated with its first love. Abstract Noun.
      • "as lipstick"
        • Simile- Intimate connatations
      • "pillow" "power"
        • Plosive Engagement
    • Stanza 2
      • "This was a child's love"
        • naievity of first love- Analepsis
      • ""till the pictures return, unfocused at first, then"
        • The poem is set in the present. However Analepsis is used. The use of the past and the present tense brings forward a strong feeling of nostalgia. It also highlights the pain in loss of love.
      • "in mirrors my lovers eyes"
        • Her lover is a reflection of herself
    • Stanza 3
      • "star,long dead"
        • Juxtaposition- Ending- Natural occurance like the birth and death of a star
      • ""tear"
        • Metephor- acceptance of relationship.
      • "stammers itself"
        • Personification
      • "pierce" "sweeten the air"
        • Juxtaposition- Contrasting emotions. A bittersweet end to the poem, Duffy is sad at the loss of her first love, but is learning to accept it and is happy to have experienced it.
    • Structure
      • three stanzas/5 lines
    • Themes
      • Nostalgia/loss/romantic love. It focuses on the first love of Carol Ann Duffy. It highlights the naievity in first loves and the sense of youthfulness in it.


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