cloning plants

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  • cloning plants
    • it is useful to produce genetically the same plant because they will have genetically the same features
    • there is 2 types to clone plants
      • by using plant stems
      • or you can clone plants by tissue culture
    • tissue culture
      • has to be sterile to prevent bacteria infecting the plant
      • method enables thousands of plants to be cloned
      • plant is cloned by tiny pieces of plant tissue
      • advantages
        • many thousand of plants can be cloned from one plant
        • mass production of growth
      • disadvantage
        • very expensive
        • muations can be spread into all of them thousands of plants
    • producing cuttings
      • cut apart stem or sometimes a leaf(1)
      • dip it in hormone root powder to stimulate root growth(2)
      • put plant in soil(3)
      • in a few weeks the same plant will have grown(4)
      • advantages
        • fast as plants develop
        • mass of product growth
      • disadvantage
        • mutations can be spread when cloned


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