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  • Parents pass on genetic information to their offspring in the sex cells (gametes).
  • The genetic information is found in the necleus of your cells. the nucleus contains chromosomes carry the genes that control the characteristics of your body.
  • Different genes control the development of different characteristics.

Genes- a short section of dna carrying genetic information

Gametes-sex cell which has half the cromosomes number of an ordinary cell

Chromosomes-thread like structures carrying genetic information found in the necleus of a cell

Types of Reproduction

  • In asexual reproduction there is no joining of gametes and only one parent. There is no genetic variety in the offspring.
  • The genetically indentical offspring of asexual reproduction are known as clones.
  • In sexual reproduction male and female gametes join. The mixture of genetic information from two parents leads genetic variety in ther offspring.
  • Variety is produces is a great advantage in making sure that the species survive. Variety makes it more likley that at least few of the opffspring…


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