Topic 2 of Education

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  • Class Differences in Achievement (Internal)
    • Labelling
      • Becker: teachers saw children from middle-class backgrounds as the closes to the ideal pupil
      • Jorgensen: working class see the ideal pupil as quiet, passive and obedient whereas middle class defined them in terms of academic ability
      • Primary School Rist: teachers used information about children home backgrounds to place them in separate groups or on tables
      • Evaluation
        • Interactions within schools can actively create social class inequalities
          • Marxists agree that it recreates class divisions
        • It assumes pupils have no choice but to be the label, they do not have to inevitably fail
    • Self Fulfilling Prophecy
      • It is a prediction that comes true simply because it has been made
      • Rosenthal et al: teachers beliefs about pupils had been influenced by supposed results and these beliefs were conveyed in the way teachers interacted with pupils
    • Streaming
      • Gillborn et al: working class and black pupils are more likely to be placed in lower streams continuing to widen the gap
        • link to the publishing of league tables
      • Educational Triage: those who will pass anyway, borderline C/D-targeted for help, hopeless cases
    • Pupil Subcultures
      • Differentiation: the proccess of teachers categorising pupils according to how they perceive their ability and attitude
      • Polarisation: pupils response to streaming by moving towards one of two extremes.
      • Hargreaves: boys in the lower streams were triple failures, they had failed 11+ exams, been placed in lower streams and labelled as worthless louts
      • Ball: abolishing streaming did not work as teachers found other ways to differentiate between pupils
      • Pupil Responses
        • Ingratiation: being the 'teachers pet'
        • Ritualism: going through the motions and staying out of trouble
        • Retreatism: daydreaming and mucking about
        • Rebellion: outright rejection of everything the school stands for
    • Pupil Class Identities
      • Symbolic capital: pupils who have been socialised at home with a middle class habitus
      • Symbolic Violence:the witholding of symbolic capital, it reproduces the class structure


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