Civil and criminal law

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  • Civil and criminal law
    • Criminal law and punishment
      • Verdict of guilty or not guilty is made
      • Cases are heard in Magistrates Court or Crown Court
      • Laws change over time as general opinion changes about what is and is not acceptable.
      • Morality is a set of standards for behaviour, the guidelines for a belief about what is right and wrong
      • Laws of a country are based on morality widely held beliefs about what is right and wrong, what behaviour is acceptable and what is forbidden in western socieites
    • Civil law and punishment
      • Types of cases
        • Ownership of land
        • Terms of contracts
        • Probate of wills
        • Divorce cases
      • Civil law is concerned with the citizen seeking a remedy through the courts if they are in dispute with another individual or company/ organisation
      • Disputes between: individuals and other individuals, or individuals and companies, or individuals and government departments.
      • Cases can be heard in:
        • Small Claims Court (£5000 or less)
        • County Court(£5000 or over)
        • High Court (exceeds £50,000)


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