Civil Courts

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  • Civil Courts
    • County Court
      • Fast Track: between £10,000 and £25,000
        • Multi Track: Over £25,000
        • Small Claims: Up to £10,000 or £1000 Personal Injury
    • High Court
      • Family Division: Family matters including divorce, adoptions
        • Queens Bench Division: Deals with Contract or Tort cases
          • Chancery Division: Deals with equity- wills, trusts, bankruptcy
    • Court of Appeal: Hear appeals from lower courts+ Employment tribunals.
      • Need an Appeal To Leave
      • Not a re-hearing of a case but a review
      • Judges look Ratio Decidendi
    • Supreme Court: was the HOL until 2009
      • Hear appeals on matter of public importance + must be on a point of law
      • Is a Leap Frog procedure from Administration Justice Act 1969. A case can go straight from high court to supreme court if both courts give permission


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