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The Court of Appeal
(Civil Division)
· Mainly deals with appeals
against decisions of the
High Court and County
· Its judges are known as
the Lords Justices of
· The President of the Civil
Division is the Master of
the Rolls.…read more

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The High Court
· Its full title is The High
Court of Justice.
· Organised into three
divisions: the Queen's
Bench, Family and
Chancery Divisions.
· When a division sits as an
appeal court, it is known
as a divisional court.
· A High Court judge is
known as a puisne judge.…read more

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County Court
· A local court hearing civil
· It generally deals with
claims less than £50,000.
· Either a circuit judge or a
district judge will hear a
· Claims for less than
£5,000 are heard using
the Small Claims
Procedure.…read more

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Family Division
of the High Court
· Hears cases involving the
family such as those
under the Children Act
1989, matrimonial cases
and uncontested grants of
· Divisional Court hears
appeals from the
Magistrates' Court's
Family Panel.…read more

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Chancery Division
of the High Court
· Hears cases involving
bankruptcy, mortgages,
copyright, trade marks,
patents, company law
and contested probate
· Divisional Court hears
appeals on taxation
issues from the decisions
of the Commissioners of
Taxes.…read more

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Queen's Bench Division
of the High Court
· Largest division of the
High Court.
· Hears cases involving tort
and contract.
· Divisional Court deals
with judicial review,
applications for habeas
corpus and appeals on a
point of law from the
Magistrates' Court.…read more


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